Barman’s Burden

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Barman’s Burden… serving Alternative Country

Welcome to Barman’s Burden! Since 2016 we play mostly original Alternative County and Americana songs in Hamburg, Germany, and the rest of Northern Germany. Telecaster, pedal steel guitar, accordion, Slingerland drums, bass and touching voices – a unique mixture of Honky Tonk, Country and dirty Rock, garnished with splashes of Blues and Folk.

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For all you YouTube fan boys and girls we’ve produced three audio only videos with our new singer Hocker! You can find the videos on our video page or in our YouTube channel, where you can comment, like or subscribe!

A Crow Called John B.
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A Crow Called John B. (audio only)


Our first live video is online! We were part of the Aufatmen festival in Lütgens-Park in Hamburg-Altona on September 4, 2021:

An afternoon in the park with Barman´s Burden
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Barman’s Burden – live “Aufatmen” Event, 04.09.2021, Lütgens Park, Hamburg-Altona

Since September 2021, we’ve been playing live again! Check out our dates!

During the last months, weeks and days we’ve been looking ahead all the time, but often back, too. What is important to us, what do we miss the most and what might we want to change? Tim has tried to capture what we miss and written our new single: Back then, right now. Our video takes us back into the past – perhaps it is yours, too? But it also shows how mucht power we have today.

Back then, right now
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Today we have something very special for you: the first film within a film! As a story within a story! Our new song “Oaxaca Blues” and the accompanying video tell about what happens when you have a date somewhere in Mexico and the guy doesn’t come along, while you get more and more into the blues and everything becomes too much for you. Caught in the pictures of a long journey, “somewhere down in Mexico”.

Oaxaca Blues
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Another video of our Corona Sessions has been released, (Heaven is) A Million Miles.

(Heaven is) A Million Miles
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Classics live longer! We have re-recorded our classic hit “(Heaven is) A Million Miles” for you as part of our Corona Sessions – check it out!

Thanks to the pandemic, we have shot our first Corona compliant home video with a couple of miles between us while performing. Take a look at “3 Chords and Truth” by our very own Holly on our video page or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

3 Chords and the Truth
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We have produced an alternative Austrian version of our soon to come chart breaker “A Crow called John B.” for our friends south of the border called “Derena Krähn” – enjoy!