Barman’s Burden are…

Kristin – Vocals, accordion, ukulele
Kristin was twelve years old when she met the love of her life: Elvis! From that day on she has been playing the guitar and was dreaming of Charros and Flaming Stars, Honky Tonk and wild Cowboys. After she had exchanged the Austrian Alps (no kangaroos!)  for the “Sound of Music” of the vibrant Live-Music Scene of Hamburg, Germany, (because she wanted to “grow up” in Hamburg, like John Lennon once said) she added an accordion and a ukulele. From her last trip to Mexico she brought back a pocket trumpet, because she can´t live without this sound any longer. At Barman`s Burden she translates her propensity for Mexcal, Jack Kerouac and Tennessee Williams into melodies about the wideness of the prairie, the pitfalls at the Rodeos and the benefits  of hillbillies. „Country has a lot of longing and that` s exactly what we need just now“, she says. You can take this girl out of the country, but not the country out of this girl! 
Mat am Bass
Matt – Bass, guitar, backing vocals
Little Matt was never really that interested in music. But when the cinema came along he became aware of the ingenious soundtracks of e.g. “down by law”, “paris-texas” or “o brother where art thou?” Since Matt could never handle 6 strings very well, at some point he decided to forego 2 strings and to play the bass of the southern states from now on. No matter what you think of the south of the USA – the music is great !!!
Holly an der Gitarre
Holly – Guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
His first electric guitar was made of Lego. That wasn’t bad at all, just the elastic strings were hard to tune. When he heard Roy Buchanan, he unfortunately also wanted that nasty creaking and screeching and saved for a Telecaster with his pocket money. Then he copied tracks back and forth with droning cassette recorders to write songs about love and sex for nerdy bands. World hits, for the nirvana of the misunderstood. Now, at a set age, when “all buttons on 10” is no longer soooo good in bands, country fits you better, says his shrink. At Barman’s Burden he is even allowed to play a solo now and then. … and everyone thinks: “Oh man, Holly, grow up …” But, alas, keep living the lie, that rock’n’roll is alive, and that things are gonna change!!
Tim an der PSG
Tim – Pedal steel guitar
Country is – besides the Beatles – Tim’s great musical love. It started appropriately with “Love hurts” by Parsons / Harris and has now lasted half a lifetime. “But, please, with a pedasl steel guitar –  it is, apart from the lyrics – the ambassador of emotions!” Arranged like this, he can even touch mainstream country, otherwise Tim prefers to listen to traditional stuff and honky tonk. After almost four years of life in the USA, the relationship with America is ambivalent: country music clubs, restaurants & bars and the convenient infrastructure are nice, but there is too much elbow mentality among people. Tim prefers to live in harmony with his wife Sibylle and friends in and around Hamburg. On the everyday routes, on the bike and in the car, songs about life and love are created. And if the call for freedom gets too loud, he likes to go over there again, get into the rental car and onto the interstate.
“Non-Smokey” Phil – Drums
“Non-Smokey” Phil (named after the Western Swing legend “Smokey” Dacus) has been playing the drums with enthusiasm for over thirty years, not loudly, but with a feel and supporting the song. His love for country music began with his father’s Johnny Cash records, but it didn’t really take off until much later. “With age you start to be interested in country music”, as Guz, who died much too early, sang with the Swiss band The Aeronauten. He loves vintage drums and their sound – even when it rattles and creaks. Honky Tonk and Western Swing are at the top of “Non-Smokey” Lutz’s “love of music” list, but folk and noise rock can also warm his heart. He started out in indie pop and rock in Hesse, Freiburg, Trier and Bielefeld, Germany, played various live performances with the cult geocaching band “Dosenfischer” from Schwerin, Germany, to Switzerland, and in Hamburg he takes care of Barman’s Burden Groove and swing together with Matt on bass.